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 Rhapsody Discografia

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Mensajes : 733
Fecha de inscripción : 01/09/2008
Edad : 26
Localización : Maldonado - Uruguay

MensajeTema: Rhapsody Discografia   Vie Nov 28, 2008 11:38 am

Bueno , aqui les dejo la discografia de una de las bandas mas reconocidas del Symphonic Metal , espero les guste , les cuento un poquitito de la banda... bueno los muchachos son italianos pero cantan en ingles , listo con eso suficiente jajajajaj xD , bueno escuchenlo q es genial!!! (Ahora con mirrors de Gigasize y mediafire!!!!! yessssssss)

01.Ira Tenax
02.Warrior of Ice
03.Rage of the Winter
04.Forest of Unicorns
05.Flames of Revenge
06.Virgin Skies
07.Lands of Inmortal
08.Echoes of Tragedy
09.Lord of the Thunder
10.Legendary Tales


01.Epicus Furor
02.Emerald Sword
03.Wisdom of the Kings
04.Heroes of the Lost Valley
05.Eternal Glory
06.Beyond the Gates of Infinity
07.Wings of Destiny
08.The Dark Tower of Abyss
09.Riding the Wind of Eternity
10.Symphony of Enchanted Lands


01.Lux Triumphans
02.Dawn of Victory
03.Triumph for my Magic Steel
04.The Village of the Dwarves
05.Dargor, the Shadowlord of the Black Mountain
06.The Bloody Rage of the Titans
07.Holy Thunderforce
08.Trolls in the Dark (Instrumental)
09.The Last Winged Unicorn
10.The Mighty Ride of the Firelord
11.Dargor, the Shadowlord of the Black Mountain(bonus track extended)


01.Rain of a Thousand Flames
02.Deadly Omen
03.Queen of the Dark Horizons
04.Tears of a Dying Angel
05.Elnors Magic Valley
06.The Poem Evil Page
07.The Wizards Last Rhymes


01.In Tenebris
02.Knightrider of Doom
03.Power of the Dragonflame
04.The March of the Swordmaster
05.When Demons Awake
06.Agony is my Name
07.Lamento Eroico
08.Steelgods of the Last Apocalypse
09.The Pryde of the Tyrant
10.Gargoyles , Angels of Darkness


01.Unholy Warcry (Edit Version)
02.Thunder's Mighty Roar
03.Guardians of Destiny (English Version)
04.Sacred Power of Raging Winds
05.Non Ho Sonno (Goblin, Remix)


1. The Dark Secret – Ira Divina
2. Unholy Warcry
3. Never Forgotten Heroes
4. Elgard's Green Valleys
5. The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream
6. Erian's Mystical Rhymes
7. The Last Angels' Call
8. Dragonland's Rivers
9. Sacred Power Of Raging Winds
10.Guardiani Del Destino
11.Shadows Of Death
12.Nightfall On The Grey Mountains

http://www.mediafire.com/?wz0m0pgtyhz PART1
http://www.mediafire.com/?ztnzoshlnmy PART2
http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=d41300lgvcd PARTE UNICA

1. The Magic of the Wizard's Dream (English Version)
2. The Magic of the Wizard's Dream (Italian Version)
3. The Magic of the Wizard's Dream (French Version)
4. The Magic of the Wizard's Dream (German Version)
5. The Magic of the Wizard's Dream (Orchestral Version)
6. The Magic of the Wizard's Dream (Original Version)
7. Autumn Twilight (New Song)
8. Lo Specchio D'Argento (New Song)


01. Dar-Kunor
' I. Echoes From The Elvish Woods
' II. Fear Of The Dungeons
02. Triumph Or Agony
03. Heart Of The Darklands
04. Old Age Of Wonders
05. The Myth Of The Holy Sword
06. Il Canto Del Vento
07. Silent Dream
08. Bloody Red Dungeons
09. Son Of Pain
10 The Mystic Prophecy Of The Demonknight
' I. A New Saga Begins
' II. Through The Portals Of Agony
' III. The Black Order
' IV. Nekron's Bloody Rhymes
' V. Escape From Horror
11. Dark Reign Of Fire
' I. Winter Dawn's Theme
12.A New Saga Begins (Single Edit) (bonus)
13.Defenders Of Gaia (bonus)
14.Son Of Pain (Italian Version) (bonus)

http://www.mediafire.com/?m2tmhdt1zf3 PART1
http://www.mediafire.com/?ns0b1vy0o54 PART2
http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=ptohyvh6trc PARTE UNICA

Live In Canada 2005 - (The Dark Secret 2006)


Old Battle Songs - Rhapsody


Rhapsody - Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga


Rhapsody - Eternal Glory


Rhapsody - ThunderCross - Land Of Immortals


Rhapsody - Live in Tokio


De estos ultimos no encontra los covers.

Rhapsody - Live in Chile

Rhaposdy - Live at La Rivieira Madrid
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Rhapsody Discografia
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